Twende Pamoja Trust

 Twende Pamoja Trust

Developing a global vision in the context of relationship 

Creating international partnerships

Supporting enterprise and economic sustainability

Encouraging creativity through the expressive arts

Working for social inclusion and equal opportunities

Nurturing a vision of global citizenship

The fundamental purpose of The Twende Pamoja Trust is to promote the development of a global vision in the context of relationship between communities, schools and places of learning in Tanzania and the United Kingdom.

It is nearly 30 years since the partnerships began. In addition to several communities and groups there are now 34 primary and secondary schools committed to developing relationship.

The present work of Twende Pamoja is centred on:

Communitysharing and living a vision                 Formationrealising potential

Education learning together                                Enterprisecreating businesses

Expressive Artsnurturing creativity                   Inclusioninvolving everyone                                   

One of the most significant developments at the moment is the building of The Twende Pamoja Centre in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The foundation and basement rooms are completed and the first floor is well underway.  The Centre will be on 4 floors and will offer accommodation for 200 people in hostel style accommodation and for 50 in twin bedded rooms. There will be an Arts Centre with an art studio, music room, recording studio and performance area. It will also contain skills training workshops, a library, a computer and media centre, learning rooms, a business school and full catering facilities.

The central focus of the Education and Expressive Arts sectors of the Trust for the next 2 years will be the ‘Hand in Hand’ Global Vision Project. In preparation for this over 3000 young people have been involved in formulating and agreeing a series of statements on a number of key areas. Materials and resources will be provided for individuals, groups, schools and other places of learning that would like to take part. All young people are invited to develop the vision and to propose strategies at personal, family, institutional and at wider community levels. The next stage of the project will be launched in May from the top of Mount Everest, from Arthur’s Seat in June and from Mount Kilimanjaro in August.

Twende Pamoja is a recognised Scottish Charity (SC no 036780) and would welcome any donation, however small (or large), to support the work of the Trust ……


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