Monday 21 May – UPDATE: Extract from Mike from the Adventure Consultants Team.

The 4.00am alarm this morning seemed cruel but there was a bonus, this was to be our last trip down the icefall. Unlike the previous morning when we had woken at the South Col to a veritable blizzard, the conditions this morning at Camp 2 were calm. Ever incentivized by the possibility of a serac fall our progress through the Khumbu Ice Labyrinth was fast.

Wilfred and Peter will walk out starting on the morning of the 23rd taking three days.

As with each expedition every individual will have their own account of the climb, relationships and key events.Some memories for me: one of Everest’s most crowded days; steady light to moderate winds meant it was cold and at times there was swirling snow; a sensational sunrise with unrestricted views in haze free clear air; a sensational panorama of Himalayan Peaks; some long waits, especially a the top of the Hillary Step on descent; seeing people ascending (while we were descending) whom I would later find out did not come back; relaxing with tent mates back in our safe South Col haven; and a feeling of privilege to stand on earths highest point.

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Wilfred makes it safely back to Base Camp

You may have heard on the BBC news that 3 climbers had died while returning from the top of Everest and 2 others are missing. This is so sad and really brings home the risks and challenges involved in such a venture. Obviously we were very concerned about Wilfred.

I have just spoken to him and he is OK and safe! He is at Base Camp resting before setting off on the long walk back to Kathmandu. He sounded very tired and he asked me to thank everyone who had been thinking of him and keeping him in their prayers. He will write about his experiences on the blog when he has Internet access.

Wilfred hopes to come across to the UK in September to share the story of his climb.

(Mike Knox)

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Monday 20 May: At the summit!!

Wilfred, Pemba Chote, and Ang Sona

Wilfred, Pemba Chote, and Ang Sona.

Photograph courtesy of Adventure Consultants

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Monday 20 May – AC DISPATCH: Descent

Greetings from Camp 2 where we are chilling out after our big descent of the Lhotse Face today.

Firstly, lets get to important business. In the champions league final Chelsea beat Bayern Munich. Neil was elated and while he could not be there in person he was there in spirit as he held a Chelsea Flag on the summit of Everest on the same historic day as this win. Neil, you tri-athlete super star, rather you than me keeping Dawa Zangbu’s pacing pace.

Joan, at 66 became the oldest Spanish man to summit Everest and complete the seven summits. Joan is extremely happy and greatly looks forward to seeing his family soon. It has been a pleasure Joan!

Wilfred became the first Tanzanian and native African male to summit Everest. Dude, awesome effort! Enjoy the rest of the seven summits.

Peter continued the tradition of tough Kiwi mountaineers reaching the summit of Everest. It was fun to hang with you man and have a strong ‘hard-man’ kiwi climbing influence on the team.

Iza, you have summitted Everest! You did it! Big congratulations. And now the last of the seven summits should be easier if you are not ‘boiled in a pot’. I’m joking! I’m looking forward to a big adventure with you on Carstenz.

Ang Dorje, this was your 16th summit of Everest and that says it all! Great working with you again man!

Deano, thanks for keeping it light, real and humorous. And congratulations on your 8th ascent of Chomolungma; four from the north and four from the south. You’re balanced now! What does the crystal ball show?

Caro, thanks for the dispatches, weather and support and I’ll ramble more from Base Camp.

Catriona, thanks for the ongoing radio medical consults.

Tomorrow we are up at 4.00am and down the icefall for celebrations and recovery at base camp.

Stay tuned for an update on Victor, Mille and Jacob movements.

Summit pictures coming!

Best to All,

Mike for the AC Team

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First Tanzanian to reach the top of Everest!!!!
Wilfred reached the top at 9.00am (local time) 19 May 2012.
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Saturday 19th May – AC DISPATCH: Peter, Wilfred & Mike Summit!

Congratulations to Peter Cammell, Wilfred Moshi and Mike Roberts who topped out on the summit of Mount Everest at 9am this morning. They are joined by Ang Sona and Pemba Chhoti, two of our most experienced climbing Sherpa.

Great job everyone and I look forward to updating you on Dean and Iza’s progress shortly.


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Saturday 19 May – AC DISPATCH: South Summit

Good morning at 7am from Everest Base Camp where I have just heard that Mike and the AC team are now on the South Summit! Dean and Iza are about half an hour behind, crossing the rock band just below the South Summit. Everyone is doing well.

Since leaving The Balcony the team will have made their way onto the South-East ridge, travelling along moderate, undulating terrain to a rock buttress known as the South Summit Rocks. Unlike the Yellow Band, Geneva Spur or Hillary Step, the South Summit Rocks tend to be something of a surprise to most climbers as they do not feature in most of the Everest climbing literature. The South Summit Rocks are made up of a series of rock ledges and they are climbed on the Kanchung Face side of the ridge. Having negotiated this often tricky section the route then leads onto open snow slopes and the crest of the SE ridge and, after about 100m, the South Summit proper is reached.

It is a beautiful morning here in Base Camp and I am sure that the team will be enjoying fanstatic views over Kanchenjunga, Lhotse & Makalu. The South Summit offers the team a good opportunity to rest, eat, drink and change oxygen bottles before the final part of the climb to the summit of Everest.

Thanks for following tonight’s summit bid and I look forward to updating you again soon as the AC team take their final steps to the summit of Mount Everest!


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