22 May 2012 – ON THE WAY DOWN

I couldn’t sleep much due to all exhilaration of summiting world’s highest peak. I was speaking to my wife it was around 11.45pm.

I am resting and trying to write a little bit to just catch up with whatever I can remember now after all what happened. After I have summitted Everest I have become so emotional, I can’t believe I did it! From not being able to raise enough funds until the last minutes to being given the go ahead to be part of the group. I still can’t believe it.

Well I am packed, my knee is feeling ok and so I am ready to start walking down tomorrow (23 May). It will take 3 days to get to Lukla and hope we will be lucky to get first flight next morning to go to Kathmandu.

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2 Responses to 22 May 2012 – ON THE WAY DOWN

  1. This was the begging of the long journey, the journey of changing what we Tanzanians think is important and what is not. Because the flag you waved at the top of the world represent us all and not just you. It’s our turn to join your cause and spread the word

  2. Wilfred, we met on the walk to Lukla and had a drink in the evening with Peter. Congratulations again on your ascent, your strength had me completely unaware of your injury. You are a real credit to your country and I hope your return journey has been safe and the glow from your success inspires others.

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