There was a storm (wind and snow) last night and I was so very tired I could only sleep. I was so dehydrated that I drank a litre of water before I went to bed at 15.30pm.

I woke up feeling 85% better than the 20% I felt when I walked in from the summit. Packing was slow but managed to do it on time; everyone was packing with oxygen masks on. It was still blizzard out side but we had to leave the south col as there were not enough oxygen cylinders to keep us there. In fact no one wanted to stay there any longer.

Walking down was chilly but I couldn’t feel it as I was looking down at the slopes. If anything was dropped or you fell there was no way to stop till you reached the 1200 metres below at the bottom.

Sherpas came to meet us with milk tea and hot juices. Just before I reached for their location I trapped myself with crampons and fell onto my left knee. It as was so painful that I think I cried without noticing. For a moment I thought I broken my leg or crashed my knee. I stood up and tried to locate my left knee and it was there. I shook my leg in the air and I was sure that I could still walk.

I made it to Camp 2. It was like coming home from a 6 months journey, I felt like I was permanent structured building and had everything I needed. My mind and body felt assured, and my worries and fears walked away! It was around 3.40pm

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