Monday 21 May – UPDATE: Extract from Mike from the Adventure Consultants Team.

The 4.00am alarm this morning seemed cruel but there was a bonus, this was to be our last trip down the icefall. Unlike the previous morning when we had woken at the South Col to a veritable blizzard, the conditions this morning at Camp 2 were calm. Ever incentivized by the possibility of a serac fall our progress through the Khumbu Ice Labyrinth was fast.

Wilfred and Peter will walk out starting on the morning of the 23rd taking three days.

As with each expedition every individual will have their own account of the climb, relationships and key events.Some memories for me: one of Everest’s most crowded days; steady light to moderate winds meant it was cold and at times there was swirling snow; a sensational sunrise with unrestricted views in haze free clear air; a sensational panorama of Himalayan Peaks; some long waits, especially a the top of the Hillary Step on descent; seeing people ascending (while we were descending) whom I would later find out did not come back; relaxing with tent mates back in our safe South Col haven; and a feeling of privilege to stand on earths highest point.

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