Fantastic support

So far, 4933 people from 55 countries around the world have visited Wilfred’s blog!

3 days to walk to Kathmandu. It would be great if you would sponsor him if you haven’t done so already. Just £1 would make a real difference to young people in Tanzania and the UK.

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2 Responses to Fantastic support

  1. Aafeez Jivraj says:

    Tried to read more about Wilfred in Tanzanian News Papers !!!! They have nothing on him , tried to see what ITV & other Tanzanian Television broadcast had to say on Wilfred Moshi .
    They have nothing on him.
    Do they know about this expedition ?Or they are not interested in such issues
    Not to worry We Tanzanians for wildlife on Face book has spread the word around
    Please we request you to join in and up date us on Wilfred

  2. Erick says:

    Congrats wilfred Moshi I do appreciate you

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