Monday 20 May – AC DISPATCH: Descent

Greetings from Camp 2 where we are chilling out after our big descent of the Lhotse Face today.

Firstly, lets get to important business. In the champions league final Chelsea beat Bayern Munich. Neil was elated and while he could not be there in person he was there in spirit as he held a Chelsea Flag on the summit of Everest on the same historic day as this win. Neil, you tri-athlete super star, rather you than me keeping Dawa Zangbu’s pacing pace.

Joan, at 66 became the oldest Spanish man to summit Everest and complete the seven summits. Joan is extremely happy and greatly looks forward to seeing his family soon. It has been a pleasure Joan!

Wilfred became the first Tanzanian and native African male to summit Everest. Dude, awesome effort! Enjoy the rest of the seven summits.

Peter continued the tradition of tough Kiwi mountaineers reaching the summit of Everest. It was fun to hang with you man and have a strong ‘hard-man’ kiwi climbing influence on the team.

Iza, you have summitted Everest! You did it! Big congratulations. And now the last of the seven summits should be easier if you are not ‘boiled in a pot’. I’m joking! I’m looking forward to a big adventure with you on Carstenz.

Ang Dorje, this was your 16th summit of Everest and that says it all! Great working with you again man!

Deano, thanks for keeping it light, real and humorous. And congratulations on your 8th ascent of Chomolungma; four from the north and four from the south. You’re balanced now! What does the crystal ball show?

Caro, thanks for the dispatches, weather and support and I’ll ramble more from Base Camp.

Catriona, thanks for the ongoing radio medical consults.

Tomorrow we are up at 4.00am and down the icefall for celebrations and recovery at base camp.

Stay tuned for an update on Victor, Mille and Jacob movements.

Summit pictures coming!

Best to All,

Mike for the AC Team

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