Thursday 17 May – DISPATCH FROM ADVENTURE CONSULTANTS: Summit bid underway, team at Camp Three

As dawn broke in Base Camp some time around 5am this morning I lay wide awake listening to the flapping of my tent. This wasn’t in the forecast. I contemplated the potential wind speed up high and agonized whether high winds might prevent the team from moving to Camp Three as planned. Then my radio crackled into life and I heard Ang Dorjee talking to Dawa Jangbu. When they had finished I called Ang Dorjee myself:

“Ang Dorjee, how is the wind up there?”

He replied:

“There is no wind, nothing.”

Sigh of relief.

Ang Dorjee and Joan made great time up the Lhotse Face, with Joan breathing oxygen for the first time. It turned out to have the effect of a fire cracker and they were safely ensconced in Camp Three, drinking tea by 9.30am. The rest of the team were not far behind, making lower Camp Three (where they donned their own oxygen masks) at 10am and everyone was in Camp by 11.45am. Great job team!

The usual challenges of thermoregulation presented themselves with the day starting off bitterly cold, then after 10mins of pleasantness, became baking hot. Everyone spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun and trying to keep cool in the heat of the day, before some afternoon snow cooled temperatures back down

Mikaela, Jakob and Victor have opted to spend another night at Camp Two tonight and will move to Camp Three tomorrow.

Tomorrow will see our first summit teams move to Camp Four where they will begin their summit bid tomorrow night. Stay tuned as we enter this final phase of the expedition and I will be sure to keep you updated as the team make their way to the top of the world!

Goodnight for now from Base Camp,


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