16 May

Today’s rest for members at Camp 2 has been most welcome. We are all re-establishing our equilibrium at this altitude and mentally and physically preparing for summit bid. Today’s weather forecast gave the green light, it is all systems go.

This morning 9 of our Sherpas carried our final loads to the South Col and 5 Sherpa went to Camp 3 and cut tentplatforms in the icy slopes of the Lhotse Face. These vital steps completed our teams summit preparation.

Tonight at midnight one of our strong climbing Sherpas Ringin will join join an eleven Sherpa summit rope fixing team. There plan tomorrow is to fix ropes all the way to the summitt and then return to the South Col. The positive outcome of this rope fixing is vital to achieving summit ambitions on the 18-21st, the predicted length of this summit weather window. Lets put out the good juju for the rope fixers.

Tomorrow, the 17th, summit bid begins with members climbing to Camp 3. Tackling the full brunt of the Lhotse Face is day 1 of 4 consecutive challenging and highly physical days of an Everest ascent.

From tomorrow Caroline will be doing daily dispatch updates and reporting on our progress. On summit day Caro will be up throughout the night giving updates. You can check my route on the Map section at the top of the blog.

Thinking of family, friends and loved one’s (plus some nervous anticipation!) as we enjoy afternoon rest in intermittent sunshine at Camp 2.

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