So we are leaving tomorrow morning Tuesday 15 May at 1.00am for Camp 2 then the summit push. I can see everyone with fear on their face. I can’t tell whether is for the icefall or going to an extreme high altitude.

We will rest at Camp II for a day before we move on to Camp 3. Early in the morning we will move to Camp IV). I decided not to use oxygen on the journey from Camp 2 to Camp 3. I believe I will be perform better with less oxygen in the future if I don’t use it at early stages.

We will all be resting on oxygen at Camp 3 and 4 and then we will walk with oxygen from Camp 3 to 4. At Camp 4 we will be more resting than sleeping since we will stay there for just a few hours.

We are expect to walk for at least nine hours to cover the 900 metres from Camp 4 (7,950 meters) to the Summit on Saturday 19 May. It will then take 5 hours to back to Camp 4 for an overnight stay before we go down to Camp 2. I will be back into communication at Base camp on 22 May 2012.

Please pray for us!

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