Sunday 22 April – INTO THE JET WINDS

As on the previous day I woke up when the sun came out. It was the best night ever since I had climbed to Camps I & II. I went to bed at around 7.45pm just like the other night except this time I listened to music a little bit and it surely brought closer my sleeping. I woke up few times to pee in my “PUS” and right away I went back to sleep.

After b/fast went back to the tent put up my harness and pick up my pack and crampons. We were going to the bottom neck of the steep part to go to the camp III. As the day before we were roped together Yohan (form Spain), Mike and myself since the path is new, no one has gone through it and there could be crevasses. The other day I had felt so hot and so I decided not to wear much today. However as I was walking the wind was getting stronger and I decided to top-up with a heavy jacket. When we reached yesterdays point at 6650mettres the wind became stronger and each time when it gusted all of us had to stop and maintain stability since trying to move would be likely to carry you away. I had felt like I was in a snow desert since when the wind blew it did blow it lifted snow and make dust like cyclones.

After 35 minutes of walking we reached a point where I could tell it was going to be hard job to reach Camp III. All I could see was a straight uphill path where two people could walk with 1½ metres between them, the one behind looking at the heal of the other. That’s how steep it is! It was 6800 metres high; an even newer record for me since I have never been to that height before. We turned around and started walking back to Camp II. It would just be a matter of one hour and we would be back. As yesterday I was in front.  I was thinking that I was going too fast for Yohan when I missed my step and trapped myself with my crampons and fell onto my knees. It was so painful!  Well we got to camp but still my fingers were very cold. I rested rest in my tent for 15 minutes and then had lunch.

I have never liked any food we were given at Camp I or II. Sometimes the portions were small or cold or there were too many tomatoes. I was eating so that I will have fuel in my body to produce heat during the night and strength for the next day to do the walking.

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