At 5.15am I thought I should wake up and sync my emails, and just like other mornings I fell back to sleep and woke up again at 6.15am. I decided to wake at 6.45am and arrange my stuff for the next long hike from Base Camp to Camp II.First Tanzanian to take on the challenge

For a while the apex of all my eight fingers felt weird. They feel numb and sometimes painful so I told Mike and he recommended me to see the doctor. It was ok but she insisted I stay warm most of the time so big gloves should be on when I need them. Then it was time to start to pick food for Camp III. It is clear by now that Neil, Peter and I have to share with Mike since Poppis has left. I picked Thai sweet and chili rice and pumpkin soup for dinner and a few chocolate drinks and snacks for the trail.

I had to make sure my camera batteries are charged so I started looking for Caroline since she has some charging devices and hand another one to Victor which is still charging.

It was turn for my shower then I arranged clean clothes and did some shaving before going to the shower room. 15 minutes and I was new man again, smelling good! Just after my shower I finished packing for tomorrow morning and it was lunchtime.

For lunch we had scone, kipper fillets, cheese, crackers, mango juice and cucumbers.

This will soon be the end of my writing until after 2nd rotation.

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