When I went to bed last night I completely forget about the physiotherapy activities done on my left shoulder by Mike. Yesterday he told me I would have some pain later or not at all. At 10.20pm I got a real big reminder as I was changing sides. I had the worst pain on the same shoulder that I have never had ever in my life. After 30 minutes of thinking about whether to go to wake up Mike or not I finally did. I never thought of using Ibumex (Ibuprofen) and went to talk to mike. It was around 11.00pm and all he could tell me was “Hey man, there’s nothing I can do – just go and take ibuprofen” I thought at that moment that I should have remembered and not bother this man.

LadderWent I back to the tent, took the pill and started to watch a movie as I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. I knew the pain would go away but would take sometime for it to kick-in. I watched movie until 1.55am then I felt the pain gone and I started falling asleep. When I got up at 6.00am I told myself I wont be going anywhere since I was very tired from last night event. But at the same time I thought, “What else can I do here. And besides it will get almost 40 degrees centigrade in the tent when the sun is completely out. So I said I will go part of the way. Without knowing what it involved I found myself in the team. We were going to be roped together for safety. Since none of us has walked on the path to Camp III it’s dangerous because of the crevasses. To avoid any of us falling into them and disappearing we were roped together. As usual we had crampons, a harness and an ice axe plus the rope.

Well after 30 minutes into hike I felt good and liked it. We hiked up to 6650 meters then called it a day. To save time we didn’t undo the rope so it was matter of switching position. We went to the front Yohan in the middle and Mike at the back. I am sure there is a reason to that as well. 30 minutes later and we were at the camp.

Just after lunch I thought I would snooze this afternoon since I have never been able to sleep well during the night. And yes I did, from 2.45pm to 5.00pm. It was lovely!

During breakfast we go two pieces of news. The first was that my new boots are at the base camp and the second was the death of a Sherpa who had slipped from a ladder and fell into a crevasse. It was very sad and scary.

Since yesterday I was wearing the down suit and I looked like I was ready to go to the summit. Sure I was warm and cozy! You can’t believe how slow it can be to make decisions here. For example to actually put crampons on in the sun and warmth may only take 3minutes or less but it could sometimes take me 8 to 12 minutes. Same to when I want to something on my own….unless it is about peeing into my PUS (personal urinating system)…

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