I tried to get connected to the Internet early in the morning at 5.13 am and fell a sleep again. I woke up at 8.15am for my breakfast.

As I was wondering around the camp a few avalanches happened and as I was wondering what was going on there was mammoth one just on the way to Camp I and II. Everyone at Base Camp stood up open-mouthed as the titanic snow dust cloud dust rolled down the hill onto the popcorn area and icefall. I could see some people up there and the camp manager and the other Sherpa in our camp rush to the radio to listen what happened.

It turned out the avalanche was from Nuptse and it wiped away a few camps at Camp I and a few Sherpas that were on their way to Camp I or II got hit and one of them was dragged into a crevasse. This is the news I am hearing from VHF radio and the guides.

I went on with writing and it started to become cold. I don’t know what is happening to day but I had to stop for lunch. Lunch consisted of my least favorite things like dry potatoes, refried beans, avocados and minced beef.

When Mike had completed his arrangements he was ready to start the ‘superman exercises’. He told me my back is curves inwards and that makes me have strong upper body muscles and weak lower body muscles. He discovered that my shoulders are curved forward due to strong front trapeze muscles. He gave me good stretches and exercises illustrations. It took us about 1½ hours then we were off to our own business. I went ahead and snoozed for a good 2 hours before I woke for dinner. Dinner was something with potatoes, cheese, minced beef and other stuff. It was OK. After dinner we had cheesecake for desert.

After dinner it was announced that we would leave the next early morning for our 2nd rotation. We will not be exactly cooking our own meals, instead we will have pre-cooked meals of which we will need to warm it up for few minutes then they will be ready to eat.

It was movie time after dinner, and the continuation of the Pulp Fiction. It turned out to have quite a good ending. We all went to bed around 9.20pm


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