It was very cold, freezing cold, when Neil and I woke up at 5.00am to get ready to move to Camp II. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I am not sure why and only had 2 to 3 hours of sleep. 30 minutes later the Sherpa came to our tent with two options; cereal or porridge for breakfast. I said porridge but there wasn’t any left so they gave me cereal with milk. But the milk was only cold – so very cold!! Neil said he wanted nothing that morning. When he saw food he felt sick.

Well, I had it anyway but discarded milk. At 6.00am Neil and I were ready outside putting on our crampons ready to start the journey Camp II.

We were all longing for camp II as we had already been told there is a mess tent, a single tent, a heater and real cooked meals.

After 2½ hours of walking the sun came out and it started to become like a desert. Everyone wished for that morning cold to cool off! Yesterday we had a walk to a certain point on the same trail and where Camp II was pointed out. So we thought that it was not going to be that hard. We were wrong. It was actually much harder than we thought. We thought it would have taken us 30 minutes. In fact the whole walk was 3km and it took us 2 hours 45 minutes with a gain of 300metres.

We crossed a few ladders and for long time we were walking on the snow and glacier. We got there about 2 hours before lunch so they provided us with cheese, salami and crackers. It was a very nice treat since we didn’t have breakfast that morning. Lunch came and we enjoyed it in the sunny warm tent. Most of us were so sleepy.

After lunch Mike started to work on my thyromboid. I had a pain on the back of my shoulder. He worked on it for at least 45 minutes. He warned me to stay calm or otherwise it would become more painful later. He suggested that I should be doing some more exercises, which he will tell me about later. He calls them “superman exercises”.

I felt so sleepy but just wanted to wait for dinner so I didn’t snooze, as I wanted to be able to sleep well in the night. I stayed around unpacking my stuff including the down suite. Well dinner came around the corner very quickly but I was so tired and sleepy. We had a nice rice and curry and then I quickly disappeared to my tent at 7.40pm

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