Tuesday 17 April

I woke up 5.15am but stayed in bed with an alarming headache and still feeling very sleepy. I tried to sleep for another hour andthen I woke up and start drinking water. I got up and went to the dining hall to finish my water and charging my tab for tomorrow. Between the 18th and 23rd of April we will be between 6,100 and 7,500 metres. My headache went away after few cups of tea and 1½ litres of water. We all had breakfast – fruits and yoghurt, toast, beans, cheese omelette and coffee.  We were then required to pack some equipment for the acclimatization hike to Camp I & II. It will take us 5 nights. I separated my -40 degrees C sleeping bag, down suite, thermosets and snacks for the Sherpa to carry. Each one of us will have to carry a few other items. As I was packing my head was pounding like never before. There was a stage when I couldn’t pack and had to speak to Irene and my wife. I took paracetamol and it lessened. By lunchtime I was pretty much over it and here I am writing again.

My Journey

The Head Guide told me the other day: ‘You should tell your family where you are going and for how long.’ It was a little scary. I had to see the expedition doctor and she subscribed ibuprofen for my headache. It is now dinner and I feel much more positive – and no more headache.

My biggest concern for tomorrow’s hike is how I am going to deal with cold up above a height I have never been to before (6,100 metres). How will the climb be – walking and climbing on glaciers for 7 hours or more and how I am going to do cope at these highest levels in the sky. Please pray for me.

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