Monday 16 April

Woke up today at 3.20am with real bad headache. I started to worry.  Then I couldn’t sleep for at least 1 hour. I can’t remember when I went back to sleep but woke up again at 6.00am and discovered that the other day I had worked so hard from morning to evening and had not drunk enough water. I started to drink warm water that I put in my sleeping bag the previous night. I drunk about ¾ of a litre then went back to sleep. I woke up just in time for ‘bed tea’. I jumped out of my sleep bag and the boys were ready outside with a hot towel and a cup of milky tea (my preference in the morning) for me. Before breakfast I finished 1½ litres of water. The Head Guide wanted to know who would like to go to Pumori Base Camp. I didn’t. The doctor, camp manager and few others persuaded me to go and I said OK. As other day I started a day by asking God/Jesus to protect us from all dangers and guide us all the way to and back to the camp.

On the way up I was teaching Ang Droje the Sherpa a Kilimanjaro song. He has trekked Mount Kilimanjaro twice and he remember a little of the song. You should see this place here. I am sure everyone lives here by faith. No night have I gone to sleep without hearing an avalanche or the sound of an ice crack under my tent. Most of the slopes we walk on are at a 45 to 55 degree angle.

After 2½hours of walking we reached Pumori Base Camp. There was a mind-blowing view of part of Himalaya. I was pointed to Chomologma (Mount Everest) and I just stood there open-mouthed. It is so high. Even at 5800 metres it still looks far into the sky. I was so petrified because of the height a few times. I would look down at Base Camp and saw that everything looks like it does from a plane. I could hardly see another human being. That’s how high I was today.

After 15 minutes of rest and lots of photos we started to descend to the base camp. We were at the camp at around 2.0015pm and were ready for lunch.

Yesterday I had to stop writing because my hands started to freeze. I went and lay down for while watching a movie. I went for my dinner at 7.15pm and had my least favorite food meat and vegetable momos. Shortly afterwards I started a really bad headache. Finished dinner and went to bed at 8.55pm I asked God to take the headache away as soon as possible. I slept OK but it wasn’t that fabulous. My back hurts but my headache was gone.

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