Thursday 29 March

After 2.5hrs this guy at the airport took my passport and ticket and then came back and walked me through security to my boarding gate. The flight to Kathmandu wasn’t a long one and just as I was trying to close my eyes I heard we were landing. As I was told before to be very quick to get into immigration as sometimes one can queue for a long time. I did as instructed and I was through in few minutes. I spent a longer time locating my bag on the belt than at immigration. I started to get worried in case one of my bags (out of 3) didn’t arrive. Well they all did and as I was walking out Victor (one of the guides) was there to pick me up. It was very easy because I was the only 193 centimetre black person coming out at of arrival section. All the climbers and trekkers are staying at Hotel Shanker. It’s a nice hotel. It used to be a palace for a king or someone I can’t remember now.

I have never been in a place with such extreme mosquitoes, Ola Ola! Mumbai airport may rank number 1. Not just the number of mosquitoes but the fact that they are so huge!

My feet are freezing now it’s about 10.8 degrees Centigrade in this dining tent….

On the same evening I was briefed about the next day. I was supposed to be getting my gear checked and to see what I needed. In the morning Mike came in my room and we did a thorough gear check and we came up with good number of things I should buy next day. AC (I had some gear from Guy Cotter and Mike which made life easier) gave me some gear, which obviously I need to return after the climb. These are high mountain boots, down suit, harness, crampons, several pairs of carabineer and a few other things.

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