Wednesday 28 March

As I am writing this, I am flying to Mumbai from Addis Ababa.

I look on my trip to climb Mount Everest as one planned by God. I had never thought of climbing it until I had I talked to Guy Cotter and he invited me to climb this year, 2012, if I was able to find the sponsorship The basic cost for the company, Adventure Consultants, to take a person up Mount Everest is  $65,000. I needed about $100,000 in total to cover my living expenses which included training, equipment, hotel, visa, vaccinations, hotel / lodges, tips and other personal expenses while on trip.

Sheik Waleed Zahed of Saudi Arabia was on the November trip to Kilimanjaro with Guy Cotter. He was listening to our conversation and he was the first to encourage me to think of climbing Mount Everest in 2012. He pledged $32,500 into my Everest trip expenses. I told me wife, children, my mother, sisters and friends they all thought was great idea – without knowing what it would involve! Between December and late January I started giving up on coming up with rest of the money, $67,500. Then in late January when I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of 12 a lawyer from Boston foresaw my dream and my future and pledged $14,000 towards my trip.

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