Saturday 14 April


Last night it was minus 11 degrees centigrade. What will happen 800 metres higher than this camp? The temperature will keep dropping in future nights, I will have to start use my camp I, II, III and IV sleeping bag (its – 40deg C) here. I have just realised its been 3 days since last time I showered! It is not bothering me since I have been at least 9 days without shower on Mount Kilimanjaro. Perhaps I will shower tomorrow after I come back from Goreshep (where there is better 3G and wireless internet).

As soon as we finished our b/fast we went ahead and start organize our equipment for practicing. The Guides went ahead and fixed ropes and ladders for training. Everyone had harness, high mountain boots, big mittens, helmet, mechanical ascender & descender, several lock and non-locking carabineers. We learned about the crossing ladder on crevasse, one has to be clipped on most the time for safety. Then we climbed the ice wall using half way ladder, then half way using mechanical ascender with two front points of crampons. Once we reached the top we were required to descend down using rope through a descender. After 7 turns of going up by rope and then ladder and rope then descend down with rope I was completely tired. My back now hurts I need massage, I am sure I will extremely need one after the whole trip.

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